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We are a Mexican company focused to develop our productions and local producers.

Our production process combine ancestry techniques and technology that allows to offer high quality products to the international market.

Actually the global market demands quality and healthy products, our intention is to offer products with the highest quality levels.

OM DE MI TIERRA has above all a social intention that reflects in reasonable, secure and high quality consumptions.



Mexico has bast citrus zones, in which over stands Veracruz, Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Colima and Sonora. Our honey is located in the citrus zone of Tamaulipas Mexico, a zone with high technology, this zone offers 95% of citrus blossoms and 5% of wild blossoms.
Honey humidity : 17 %
Color: Light yellow


Our coffee states appellation of origin, it grows and harvest above 1200 meters above sea level, in the Coatepec Veracruz zone.
High grown.


Our lime fields are located in the Veracruz and Tamaulipas citrus zones. From Veracruz we have Persa ( (Citrus latifolia-tanaka), it characteristic is a seedless and oval shaped fruit.
From Tamaulipas, it grows K-Lime ( Citrus Aurantifolia), which is an inch diameter and big contents of Vitamin C.


Originally from Papantla Veracruz, processed with ancestral and high quality techniques, to obtain the extract of the vanilla.

Corn Leaf

Mexico is one of the biggest producers of Corn, which allows us to utilize the leaf as a product with high demand with our neighbour country, USA.

Black Pepper

Product of the Verazruz Area in Mexico, High Quality in its production process.

About us

OM Mission
To produce with the highest quality levels, develop our local producers and offer a fear market.

OM Vission
To become a well renowned company for its quality products and development of local producers.

Certified technical support

Our process is constantly revised by our engineers, with wide experience and certificates that allows us to offer high quality to the final consumer.

Field Inspector leader:
Ing. Ana Lilia Castro Vazquez
USDA certificate (United States Department of Agriculture)
SAGARPA certificate ( Mexico Department of Agriculture)


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